If you feel you got a new Corona virus.

Hello everyone. Kusunoko-CI came back from Thailand business trip.

From the southern country to the country in a winter season, my physical condition management is really required, I feel.

By the way, airplanes heading to Japan from Thailand had many vacant seats. The Thai government is calling for self-restraint in Japan.

“Thailand demands self-restraint in Japan: the impact of tourism is inevitable” (Tele-Asa News)

“It is the first time that ASEAN has issued a request to refrain from traveling to Japan,” said the news.

And now, my son is also having 99.5℉, so I’m worried about him….

At the kindergarten where my son is currently attending, many children are experiencing cold symptoms. I do hope my son’s has just a cold.

So this time, I will summarize a little about what to do if you suspect the infection of corona, in English.

Since this country sometimes doesn’t care a lot about the foreign people. I believe some living in Japan are feeling nervous due to lack of information. So I hope this blog could support you a bit.

Situation in China

I asked my Chinese friends about their situation, According to them;

  • There are still many employees who cannot come to the company,
  • Some of management have gone abroad and cannot return,
  • The government has told to avoid close contact with other people. They have been strictly warned to stay away each other at least 1.5m

Pretty serious.

By the way, my friends living far away from the Wuhan area (takes more than 8 hours by car). Nevertheless, it seems that the situation still remained severe.

He has a daughter who is about 6 years old. I told him to be very very careful, but actually what they can do?

Early symptoms of the new corona

According to Business Insiders, the following are reported as early symptoms:

Lancet, a medical journal, reports symptoms in patients infected with the new corona virus. The most common symptoms are fever, cough, runny nose, muscle pain and malaise. In addition, although limited in number, headache, diarrhea, and hemophiliacs (blood with cough) have been confirmed.

The Japanese Society of Ophthalmologists also reported that “when infected with the new corona virus, conjunctivitis may develop” (TBS News).

This may also be a measure of judgment, because our eyes may become reddened if we have it.

What to do if the initial symptoms are confirmed

More detailed symptoms are described on the website of Takahama Toyota Hospital in Aichi Prefecture as follows.

  1. If you have a fever (99.5℉ or higher) and respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.), And within the past two weeks from when the symptoms appeared,
  • Have a close contact with people who got “new corona virus infected” (such as touching with hands or having a conversation within 2m without a mask)
  1. If you have a fever (99.5℉ or higher) and respiratory symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, etc.), And within the past two weeks from when the symptoms appeared,
  • Have traveled to Hubei or Zhejiang.
  • Have made close contact with those who have traveled to Hubei or Zhejiang.

Nevertheless, in daily news, it is said that the government confirmed the infections in people who have no history of travel and who are unlikely to contact with those who have traveled.

This means that the infection is possible for anyone and anywhere already.

Anyway, if the fever over 99.5℉ or higher lasts for 4 days, you must firstly contact a health center and ask for instructions.

You’d better to make a note of the telephone number of the nearest public health center.

You can check the phone number of the health center in Hokkaido at the link below.

List of Public Health Centers

I also checked the webpage of the nearest public health center.

There is a link: “Information on new type corona virus-related pneumonia (02/02/20)”, and said that 18 patients have now been confirmed in Hokkaido.

Hand wash, gargle, mask

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s website explains how to wash hands and how to put on a mask in a video. Check once.

And Hygiene Shop’s homepage showed how to wash your hands correctly, so please refer here.

About Hand Hygiene / Hygiene Shop

I got a recommendation from our company about how to wash our hands, according to it, we have to wash our hands with running water for at least 20 seconds, so take that time and wash well with the above method.

The Metropolitan Police Department has issued such information.

Better than nothing.

Especially in the case of such infectious diseases, person who has the disease must wear a mask. Otherwise it will spread out.

I do recommend you wear a mask if you have any symptoms. If you are suspected to be infected, please take some time and effort for it.


I do hope things settle down soon.

And if you are thinking to come to Japan, I strongly recommend you should postpone the travel for the moment.

Anyway, I am observing my son for the time being, hoping his quick recovery.

Take care!


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